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On these pages, the key outputs of the Handshake project will be posted alongside key resources about the cities and general good practices in cycling.

Public deliverables will be created over the course of the project until 2022 and will be posted as soon as they are available. Follow our twitter channel or sign up to our Newsletter to keep up to date with new materials.

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Facts and lessons from the transferred solutions

Made in Handshake

We are proud to present ten fact sheets that represent the main achievements and lessons learned by each of our ten Future Cycling Capitals. We hope that it provides you with the knowledge and inspiration to transform your city into a cycling capital!

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Publication date: Wed 10 Aug 2022

Author: Sanne Vanderstraeten and Fred Dotter

Language: English

Bikenomics: Making the case for cycling investment in your city

The Handshake Bikenomics Guide is a resource that cities can use to discover the key components that make up a Bikenomics assessment. It aims to inspire cities to use numbers and facts to justify the societal and financial value of cycling investment.

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Publication date: Tue 26 Jul 2022

Author: Matteo Jarre, Paolo Ruffino, Cinzia Baralla & Laura Schubert

Designing Cycling Infrastructure


Bart Slabbinck's presentation from the March 2022 capacity building workshop hosted by CIVITAS project, FastTrack.

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Publication date: Wed 13 Apr 2022

Author: Bart Slabbinck

Cycling Network: Bruges' Stadsfietsroute


Bart Slabbinck's presentation from the November 2021 capacity building workshop hosted by CIVITAS project, FastTrack.

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Publication date: Wed 13 Apr 2022

Author: Bart Slabbinck

Hämeentie Bikenomics Report


Discover the cost-benefit analysis and economic impact assessment of a redesign of the major thoroughfare of Hämeentie, carried out for the City of Helsinki.

Resource page

Publication date: May 2021

Author: Lilian Tilburgs

Towards a more active mobility system in Turin

Made in Handshake Presentation

This document shows new interventions to promote active mobility that have been specifically designed to deal with COVID-19 and to improve walkability in Turin.

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Publication date: Tue 16 Mar 2021

Author: Marina Fochi, Maria Teresa Massa

Language: English

Best practices – Inner-city bicycle parking

Made in Handshake Report

This handbook provides guidelines for the installation of bicycle parking facilities at busy locations. Drawing on the experience of the City of Amsterdam in creating such infrastructure, the handbook sets out a seven-step process for doing so.  

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Publication date: Tue 23 Feb 2021

Author: City of Amsterdam

Language: English

Deliverable 4.2 - Mid-term monitoring report

Deliverable Made in Handshake

This deliverable monitors the progress of Handshake cycling solutions at the project and city level. The introductory chapter briefly recaps the evaluation methodology and provides an overview of all cycling solutions, highlighting the main changes from the ex-ante assessment. The report describes the development of all 64 cycling solutions at the city level, considering the last values for assessing targets' progressive achievement. General conclusions and lessons learned have been deducted...

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Publication date: Tue 2 Feb 2021

Author: Giorgia Galvini, ISINNOVA; Paolo Ruffino, DECISIO; Lilian Tilburgs, DECISIO

50 years of mobility policy in Bruges - Book Press Release


This press release was sent out to accompany the release of the publication Fifty Years of Mobility Policy in Bruges.

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Publication date: Fri 15 Jan 2021

Language: Dutch


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