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How much progress has the Handshake project made so far?


Kick-off meeting held in Copenhagen


Internal Exchange Hub goes live - a private space where cities can learn and collaborate

Social media go live and full website launched

During 2018 we will be working to further define cycling solutions for each city and undertaking further baseline assessments on these... keep in touch for further updates


2020 will be a busy year for Handshake.

  • Solutions will begin to be rolled out in all of our Handshake cities
  • Immersive study activities will take place and transition management groups will be established
  • Innovation in cycling solutions will be further identified and developed


Work will continue with rolling out solutions in 2021.

  • Action plans for continuing the good work after Handshake finishes will be prepared - we don't want it to stop here!
  • We will prepare a range of further communication materials such as videos and booklets on what can be learnt from Handshake


  • A range of practical guidance will be issued alongside reflections on the project as peer-reviewed publications
  • We will assess the performance of the project as a whole
  • Final project conference will be held

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