Cycling Capitals

These three cities help and mentor the others through their process of cycling change.

Future Cycling Capitals

The 10 Future Cycling Capitals are working on different measures to becoming Cycling Capitals themselves.

Inspiring the creation of holistic cycling visions

Handshake supports ten highly-motivated EU cycling cities in learning from three pioneering, successful, and world-class cycling cities - Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and Munich (Germany) - in the uptake of proven cycling solutions. 

Handshake involves many coastal cities as well as inland cities located throughout northern and southern Europe. The cities represent a range both in terms of population size as well as their degree of cycling achievement. 

Handshake facilitates a mentoring process in which groups of like-minded cities with similar needs work together with a cycling capital city, which is leading each group to accelerate progress.

The profiles of the cities comprising each group can be found below. The mentoring process is supported by in-depth physical exchanges within the groups of cities, with site visits involving cycling capitals, city decision makers, and cycling advocates.

More information about the techniques used to improve decision making and governance across all the measures in Handshake can be found in About our project.

Amsterdam bridge
Cycling Capital


Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, with its characteristic semi-circle medieval city centre and attractive canals. Amsterdam and bicycles have enjoyed a long-lasting love affair.

Amsterdam is mentor of the following cities:
River in Copenhagen
Cycling Capital


Copenhagen is Denmark's biggest city and its capital, as well as a renowned cycling city.

Copenhagen is mentor of the following cities:
Munich Cycling Night 2016
Cycling Capital


With more than 1.5 million residents and an additional 360,000 commuters making their way into the city from the surrounding communities on a daily basis, Munich is the main urban centre of Bavaria.

Munich is mentor of the following cities:

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