Immersive Study Activities

Immersive Study Activities

Handshake is running ‘Immersive Study Tours’ and ‘Immersive Symposia’. Unlike standard conferences or training, these events are highly personal and sensory learning experiences. They use Handshake's mentoring relationships to enhance the transfer of measures and knowledge between cities.

Immersive events are an effective tool to advance specific priorities or goals.

Immersive events utilise travel and hands-on exchanges to help boost momentum for cycling in cities. Within the Handshake project, these events will take place during 2020 and updates will be posted on the timeline included within the respective cities' pages.

Participants will come from various disciplines, not only those traditionally associated with cycling, with an interest and influence in creating a better city. Bike rides will be a part of each one of these events, as a positive cycling experience is an essential ingredient to support personal transformation.

  • Immersive Study Tours involve a delegation of leaders from our Future Cycling Capitals traveling to either Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Munich (our Cycling Capitals).
  • Immersive Symposia take place in the Future Cycling Capital itself, with a visiting delegation of experts from the Cycling Capitals offering content and inspiration.

At the conclusion of a study tour or symposium, enthusiasm for cycling initiatives will reach a peak. Sustaining the momentum after everyone returns home is challenging, but following up with continued engagement and mentoring through Handshake will help our cities convert this inspiration into action.

Interested in pairing up your own city to learn from somewhere else? Handshake will publish a methodology that will help others learn from our techniques. This will cover the primary activities of the events, which include:

  • defining objectives;
  • recruiting participants;
  • building an agenda; and
  • executing the event.

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