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Rome is the world's biggest open air museum, get out of your car and ride a bicycle. Wise up and enjoy the sweet smell of freedom. #PedalaperRoma

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Rome has much unfulfilled potential when it comes to active mobility. Cycling has a crucial role to play in reducing congestion and improving the quality of life for all in the Italian capital.


Main cycling challenges

A combination of a lack of a cycling culture and proper infrastructure and the influence of decades of car-oriented policies has created a potent mix - one of the Europe's highest car ownership rates ande one of its lowest cycling rates. The exensive use of private vehicles does not only have a high environmental cost, but also an economic one: Rome's inhabitants spend 135 million hours commuting each year. There exists great promise for sustainable urban mobility to become an integral part of the city fabric, and in the process make it a more liveable place for residents and tourists alike.


Population icon
2,876,614 Population
Amount of cyclists icon
20k/day Amount of cyclists
(on busiest route)
Car ownership rate icon
613 Car ownership rate
(cars per 1000 residents)
City area<
1285 km² City area
Length of cycle network icon
125 km Length of cycle network


Cycling solutions

Rome is focusing on encouraging more people to ride bikes in the city, whilst further developing the cycling network and its connection with public transport.

Mentor: Amsterdam



Francesco Iacorossi

Via Gaurico 9

francesco.iacorossi [at]

+39 0646956838

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