Transition Management

Transition Management

Transition Management is a method that helps sustain long-lasting change within cities wanting to advance their cycling practices.

Transition management allows new ideas and approaches to be introduced to combat the inertia that often stops cities changing their approach to addressing problems.

Handshake cities start by developing a "transition arena" - a group of people that helps guide cities through the process of developing and implementing better cycling solutions. This group helps update objectives and set a direction for experimental measures and, ultimately, long-term planning.

The idea is that the transition arena is far more inclusive than traditional transport planning approaches. In Handshake, transition management influences methods to change the design of streets and the social culture of cities to allow them to become more bike-friendly places.

Interested in setting up a transition process in your own city? Handshake will publish a methodology which will help others learn from the techniques it develops.

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