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Bicycle Mayors

A growing number of cities are inviting independent experts to become champions of cycling. Such figures sit between politicians such as city mayors and council leaders, city officials and the population at large, and help build the case for raising the standards, levels and governance of cycling investment.

Champions for cycling

Bicycle Mayors act as the public figurehead for cycling in their respective cities. By promoting the bicycle as a solution to some of the most complex urban challenges, these individuals are the human face and voice of cycling in a city. Their relationship with the city administration varies.

Examples from within the Handshake project include Francesco Iacorossi, Bicycle Mayor in Rome.

Cities using this solution

Amsterdam bridge
Leader: Amsterdam

Bicycle Mayors in Amsterdam in 2019 are Katelijne Boerma (senior) and Lucas Boer, 17 years old. Bicycle Mayors are a catalyst to bringing together the public and private realms to uncover the massive economic, health, and environmental benefits of increased cycling capacity. They are uncovering new ideas, working with others to deliver action and promoting innovations that support better cycling for all.

The Bicycle Mayor Programme is now expanding world-wide. BYCS – which initiated and coordinates the program – is now working with local partners around the world using the bicycle to address pollution crises, tackle road deaths, break down social barriers and enable people to access essential services for the first time.

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