Awarness and Education
Awareness and Education

Cycling for All Ages

A broad demographic range of people on bikes is a common sight in advanced cycling cities, sometimes known as "8 to 80". Part of this diversity is the spread of age groups that feel comfortable travelling by bike, or trike, or balance bike. The promotion of provision for different types of cycle can also broaden cycling's appeal for everyday trips. 

Bringing about a broad acceptance of cycling

Munich is a leader in inclusive cycling campaigns, helping it become the city where you all ages and abilities are a normalised feature of its city landscape. Handshake cities will explore the measures and develop cycling campaigns that that will help facilitate cycling across "All Ages and Abilities" ("AAA") . These range from demonstration cycling streets at the earliest stages, to and targeted packages of communications for older and younger groups, and gaining better data on current bicycle users to better inform future policies aimed at making cycling truly inclusive.

Cities using this solution

Munich Cycling Night 2016
Leader: Munich

Mobility education for families, children and young people.

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Bordeaux bridge
Follower: Bordeaux

Bordeaux seeks to create an educational cycling lane, possibly through a public private partnership. It needs to estimate the costs, the necessary space, and the role of each public and private partners.

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Bruges city centre
Follower: Bruges

Bruges is collecting data from 4 general counts of modal split per year. The city wants to gain further expertise in collecting data for cyclists, and in using this data for communication planning. The goal is to reach and identify the ‘turning point’ where cyclists (and pedestrians) control the public space and motorized traffic is outnumbered. Bruges, as the cycling capital in Belgium, has this opportunity to reach this stage.

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Cycling along coast in Cadiz
Follower: Cadiz

Gaining knowledge from Munich experience, Cadiz wants to establish two programmes: i) for publicity and training in schools to educate children in developing a new culture of sustainable mobility and safety/security; ii) for senior citizens to carry out awareness campaigns specific for this age range since accident data shows the vulnerability of people older than 60. The city wants to learn how to create a "Mobility Classroom" with an activities area (pending location), where different activities and courses of education and training on road-safety, respect for the environment and new sustainable mobility guidelines for families, children and young people can be held.

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Krakow city centre
Follower: Krakow

As promoting and campaigning themes are in the field of daily actions, Krakow are willing to find out more and more about it and they are open to test new solutions and ideas. Mobility education for families, children and young people is crucial is in the city's vision. Krakow already has quite some experience in this field but they want to deepen it (as well as share their experience with other partners).

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Rome City Scape
Follower: Rome

Rome has followed and supported several #biketoschool initiatives, endorsing the core values of such campaigns with high cultural meaning and targeting youngsters. There were also many occasions where the administration promoted #biketoschoolday events. The city wants to invest more in these initiatives, learning from Munich's experience.

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