Awarness and Education
Awareness and Education

Nudge Tactics

The marketing of public policies demands a more sensitive approach to that of consumer goods, to keep people on board, and not push them into doing things in a way they might resent. The "nudge" approach helps people make their own minds up and gently introduces them to choices that might be relevant to them and their everyday lives. Such methods are the latest ways being piloted by governments to attempt to introduce people to cycling or increase their levels of cycling and other more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Taking it step-by-step

Handshake cities will learn how games, challenges and apps can be deployed effectively to inform and motivate people towards commuting by bike, using European best practice examples and local-level learning experiences.

Cities using this solution

River in Copenhagen
Leader: Copenhagen

Copenhagen has experience with basing behaviour change initiatives on a combination of ‘deep data’ (anthropological analyses of citizens’ feelings and experiences related to cars and bicycles) with ‘big data’ (statistical data on transport behavior, mode choice, demographic profiles etc.). This is used to pinpoint specific nudging initiatives that help citizens switch from cars to bikes.

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Dublin cycling
Follower: Dublin

Use of data for Origins and Destinations for cyclists as well as providing better feedback to the City Council is underway but so far utilizing this data for “nudging” is not factored in and experience in how to use this data and how to influence user behaviour in Handshake will be extremely useful.

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Family cycling in Greater Manchester
Follower: Greater Manchester

The city is very interested in influencing behavioural change via credit/debit, reward/fine systems and gamification to encourage more people to cycle. Also, as part of Cityverve they are keen to continue to set Open Innovation calls on cycle challenges.

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Rome City Scape
Follower: Rome

Thanks to the European Cycling Challenge (ECC), Rome has experienced the so-called ‘gamification approach’. The approach of the ECC was revealed to be a good "gamified tool" to motivate people to use the bicycle in their daily commuting. Rome wants to learn more about how to design gamification.

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