Podcast digs into the success of Helsinki's Bicycle Action Plan

Author: Richard Adams

Many cities across Europe grapple with how to make cycling safe and feasible year-round. This challenge is, of course, that much greater for cities with harsh winters characterised by snow and ice.

Henna Hovi, an urban planner and cycling specialist in Helsinki (Finland), one  Handshake "Future Cycling Capital", recently joined the Metropolitan Mobility Podcast to share insights, advice and lessons learnt from being a winter cycling city, and from Helsinki’s Bicycle Action Plan.

She also reflects on what the city has gained from being part of the Handshake project, in which ICLEI Europe is a partner.

Listen to the podcast here or via your podcast app of choice to learn from this globally-leading cycling city. The podcast was produced by Geert Kloppneburg in collaboration with the Dutch Cycling Embassy, the latter being a member of the Handshake Advisory Board.

For more information on Helsinki's work in Handshake, click here.

Image by: Metropolitan Mobility Podcast

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