Helsinki approves its Bicycle Action Plan for 2020-2025

Author: Oskari Kaupinmäki, Henna Hovi

An update of the first city-wide cycling plan released in 2014, the Bicycle Action Plan 2020-2025 aims to make the Finnish capital a place in which cycling is suitable for all ages in all seasons. In addition, the city has set out to increase cycling’s modal share to at least 20 per cent by 2035.

The programme will focus on improving various aspects of cycling infrastructure, with the most important measure being the quicker implementation of the city’s planned cycling network. This was set out in a document in 2016.

Measures promoting cycling are also necessary, for example those concerning cycling education and mobilising people to get in the saddle.

Five sub-goals have been defined within the strategy:

  • To create direct and smooth routes for cycling, with clear junction arrangements and a clear separation of pedestrian and cyclists from other (road) traffic;
  • To ensure the rigorous maintenance of bike paths and parking all year round;
  • To take cycle traffic into account when planning construction sites;
  • To make sure that number of bicycle parking spaces and services meets demand and they are of high quality; and,
  • Marketing and communication activities promote a positive image of cycling.

Facilitating cycling also links into Helsinki's goals of being the most functional city in the world and being carbon neutral by 2035.

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Image by: Martti Tulenheimo

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