Awarness and Education
Awareness and Education

Raising the Profile of Safer Streets

Providing safe conditions for cycling is an important and popular topic within Handshake. Information campaigns supported by infrastructure can help reiterate to all street users their responsibilities for looking after one another and acting safely.

Safety in numbers

Handshake cities will together learn how to choose from and apply the many types of measure ranging from closing streets ("open streets"), providing educational street and using social media. Targeting different settings and audiences will be considered from schools to new cyclists, old citizens and car drivers.

Cities using this solution

Munich Cycling Night 2016
Leader: Munich

Awareness campaigns to improve traffic safety (temporarily closing and visually highlighting a crossroad to visualize hazardous areas). As there are still many accidents involving cyclists that occur at crossroads and T-junctions, different kinds of awareness campaigns shall contribute to improve traffic safety, e.g. by temporary street closures, marking certain crossroads to visualize hazardous points or by social media activities and cooperation with the local police department.

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Cycling along coast in Cadiz
Follower: Cadiz

Gaining knowledge from Munich experience, Cadiz wants to establish two programmes: i) for publicity and training in schools to educate children in developing a new culture of sustainable mobility and safety/security; ii) for senior citizens to carry out awareness campaigns specific for this age range since accident data shows the vulnerability of people older than 60.

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Krakow city centre
Follower: Krakow

Awareness campaigns to enhance traffic safety is something very important for Krakow and could accompany other campaign actions that the city is dealing with. The number of cyclists in the city is growing and traffic safety is becoming more and more problematic issue.

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Riga bridge
Follower: Riga

Riga is aware that it is not only important to keep on with the campaigns or annual events already done by the city, but there would be a need for having some new and innovative ideas on how to create and anchor cycling traditions into everyday agenda.

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