Planning Regulations and Standards
Planning, Regulations and Standards

National Standards

Nationally-adopted standards have been in place in some countries for many years and, where these are progressive, can be a major advantage in delivering high quality designs. National standards create a common identity and expectations for cycling infrastructure design across a country. As can be seen inthe Netherlands with the "CROW Manual", such resources can also be referred to by practitioners wishing to advance their designs in neighbouring countries. It is expected that the European Union will also be publishing its own set of guidelines for the first time in 2019.

Learning from national standards to improve local design quality

Emerging cycling cities in Handshake will learn from the best national standards in place to improve the quality of their local guidance. This will allow them to tailor solutions for their local context whilst preserving the essential elements that make designs successful.

Cities using this solution

Amsterdam bridge
Leader: Amsterdam

The CROW-Fietsberaad is the knowledge center for bicycle policy in the Netherlands. CROW develops, disseminates and exchanges practice-oriented knowledge for bicycle policy. The CROW also draw up national guidelines and requirements for the realisation of a quality bicycle network and bicycle parking facilities in public spaces and in buildings. The ‘Design manual for bicycle traffic’ (in English terms) contains all important aspects for creating and maintaining effective cycling infrastructure. Amsterdam aligned these guidelines and requirements partly to the Amsterdam situation.


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Cycling along coast in Cadiz
Follower: Cadiz

In the PMUS action plan, the city includes the development of a joint Ordinance of mobility to regulate not only motor vehicles management but it also includes the management of the pedestrian, cycling, public transport, etc. mobility; thus, it gets more adapted to European mobility regulations and ordinances. Therefore, the development of a Bicycles Municipal Ordinance, which is pending elaboration, would be of interest.

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