New campaign thanks businesses and cyclists serving communities during pandemic

Author: Richard Adams

The ongoing coronavirus poses an extreme challenge to society. In the face of these difficult circumstances, healthcare workers and many others are providing essential and invaluable services on behalf of others. Often, they do this at considerable personal risk.

In its own way, the cycling community and the humble (bi)cycle is helping them do so. Across the globe, stories emerge daily about businesses providing free bikes to healthcare workers, delivering food and medicine to isolated people, repairing bikes for essential travel, and keeping bike-share schemes open so essential workers can return home from work safely.

Alongside them are volunteers, local community groups and individuals who are using bikes to support essential services and their neighbours, all at their own cost. They have all become essential workers in their own way and deserve the utmost acknowledgement and gratitude.

That is why Cycling Industries Europe has started the #cyclingtheextramile campaign.  

Kevin Mayne, CEO of Cycling Industries Europe, said:

“We hear so much about the people, organisations and companies who are making extraordinary efforts and personal sacrifices during the COVID19 pandemic. The cycling community is no different, working to support these essential workers, serve their communities and keep people on bikes…We have created #cyclingtheextramile to be a message of recognition, support and thanks.”

If you hear a story about someone who has done something special where cycling was involved and you want to say thank you, add #cyclingtheextramile to your social media posts. In the words of Kevin Mayne, it is time show such people that “they are not alone, they are not isolated, and that they are part of this great community of cycling.”

All tweets in support of the campaign appear on this page. The European Cyclists Federation, the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry and the European Cycle Logistics Federation are among the organisations supporting the campaign.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to get posting!

Read the original press release from Cycling Industries Europe here.

Image by: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

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