Munich launches new online platform for cyclist feedback

Author: Johanna Schäfer

In June 2021, the city of Munich launched an online reporting platform for cycling-related issues. The reporting platform creates a centralised contact point between the cycling community of Munich and the department of mobility. It provides an easy way for citizens to submit feedback and receive answers to their questions. It can also be used as a hub for general cycling information and administrative updates.

Reports can be submitted under three categories: suggestions or concerns, questions, and positive feedback.

Suggestions or concerns

In this category, users can choose from a range of subcategories, to report things like “there is debris on this bike lane” or “a hedge is overhanging into this bike lane”. Likewise, suggestions that concern bicycle infrastructure, such as "a bike path connection is missing" or "a traffic light would be useful here" can be reported on the platform. The request is then forwarded directly to the relevant department for processing and response.


On the website we provide general information about cycling in Munich. In this category, any further questions can be submitted and will be answered by our cycling experts.

Positive feedback

If people would like to tell us that we have done something particularly well, they can submit comments in this category. We also use this information to guide the development of future projects.
The department of mobility will also increasingly use the platform to post municipal information on, for example, current city council resolutions on cycling, planned expansions of the cycling infrastructure or bicycle parking facilities.

Since the launch of the reporting platform, nearly 1700 reports and over 100 positive submissions of feedback have been received. Most of the reports concern parking violations on sidewalks and bike lanes, ambiguity of traffic signs or traffic routes (especially at roadworks) or suggestions for missing traffic lights or bike lanes. We expect that after the initial reporting peak (700 reports in the first three weeks) the number of reports will settle at a lower level in the future.

The city of Munich uses the platform to gain valuable insight on current issues and the overall cycling experience in the city. The platform provides a detailed overview of specific concerns and positive remarks, and it is used to assess current practice, set priorities and adjust bicycle planning.

This project has received funding from the European Union‘s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement no 769177.

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