Handshake hosts the Helsinki Summit

The Helsinki Summit, held from 18-20 August, will bring together cycling experts from Finland and beyond, as well as urban planners, politicians, city developers and NGOs.

Co-hosted by Handshake and the City of Helsinki, the Summit will provide insight into the role of cycling in the sustainable and human-centric cities of the future.

Much of the programme focuses on this topic within the scope of the city of Helsinki, and it's progress towards becoming one of the top three cycling cities in the world. Inspiring talks from leading experts, workshops, discussions and cycling tours will ensure a full perspective of the cycling experience in Helsinki.


The programme is as follows:


18 August (all times in EEST)

Opening session: Helsinki – the most functional city in the world, Anni Sinnemäki, Pieter Litjens «What to focus on today»

Key note speach: Copenhagen – the city of cyclists, the functional city, Klaus Bondam 

Introduction to Handshake – Henna Hovi (Project Manager Handshake / City of Helsinki)

State of affairs in FCC: Introduction to Helsinki – the past, the present, the future – Oskari Kaupinmäki (Cycling Coordinator City of Helsinki) + Henrik Lundorff (Handshake Team Leader City of Copenhagen )

Panel discussion: Klaus Bondam, Anni Sinnemäki, Laura Rissanen, Pieter Litjens and Martti Tulenheimo (Finnish Cyclists’ Federation)

19 August (all times in EEST)

Tapani Liimatta from Gofore “Businesess supporting cycling”

Marie Kåstrup from the City of Copenhagen: The importance of quality in infrastructure 

Minister Timo Harakka
Speech on how the state and cities can collaborate together and what is the signifigance of cycling to finnish cities

Three different aspects to cycling
- Milla Kallio, Femma Planning
- Fedja Kamari, musician Handshaking / Radio Helsinki / Töölön Ketterä
- Heikki Pursiainen, Economist / Journalist

Live music Handshaking

20 August (all times in EEST)

Representative from Suutarinkylä School: Teaching children to move safely and actively – a user perspective

Participants share results of small group breakouts. Content should present a positive vision for FCC. Focus on future and next steps. End with encouragement/support from CC. Consider inviting media.

Where do we go from here? A quick overview of the next steps within Handshake 

Image (Unsplash, Kwan Fung)

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