Greater Manchester unveils walking and cycling investment plan

Author: Richard Adams

Greater Manchester has released the investment plan for its Bee Network, the ambitious walking and cycling network aiming to transform travel in the region.

The “Change a region to change a nation” document outlines the method behind the Network’s design and the measures foreseen; the role of community engagement; and the delivery of the Network.

It also makes the economic case for investment, whilst identifying changes to regulations, policy and local powers that can help maximise the impact of the Bee Network.

The estimated cost of full implementation is €1.77 billion (£1.5 billion), with this anticipated to take ten years.

If built to its full planned length of just under 2,900km (1,800 miles), the Bee Network would become the UK’s largest walking and cycling network.

These plans form a crucial part of Greater Manchester’s ambitious aim for at least 50% of all journeys to be made using sustainable modes by 2040. The majority of these trips are predicted to be made by people walking and cycling.

Browse the investment plan here and more about Greater Manchester’s work in Handshake here.

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