Future Cycling Capital Rome in "Thinking Cities"

Author: Laura Schubert

In the June 2021 issue of Thinking Cities, Francesco Iacorossi from Handshake Future Cycling Capital Rome, reflects on the impact COVID-19 has had on cycling planning and spending in the past year. As citizens avoid public transport and enjoy government incentives that promote active modes and protect the environment, the necessity of effective and adequate cycling infrastructure has come into the spotlight. As a result, cycling infrastructure across Rome has received an incredible boost.

Francesco goes on to explain the role COVID-19 has played in motivating the development of a 150km transitory cycle route plan. Collaboration with other cycling-minded initiatives have also emerged, like the GRAB project, which will see the development of a Great Bike Ring Road. With additional advancements in cycling infrastructure, cycling is becoming an increasingly attractive option in a city famous in Europe for its traffic congestion. Fewer cars on the road will make an invaluable contribution towards a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Check out the article for yourself, to learn more about Rome's progress.

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