Creating a Glow in Bordeaux

Author: Sud Ouest

Bordeaux Métropole has recently created a green lane (for pedestrians and cyclists). Reaching 800m in length, it links the crossroads of Cinq-Chemins in the town of Le Haillan and is located in a busy area used to reach the industrial zone around the airport.

Yet this path comes with a difference: it glows in the dark. This has been achieved by experimenting with a new idea.

Phosphorescent aggregates have been mixed with the deactivated concrete; this forms the coating of the greenway.

The aggregates restore the energy stored during the day at night, which then provides pedestrians and cyclists with lighting.

Funded entirely by Bordeaux Métropole, the path is the first of its kind in the region. In total, the greenway cost one million euros to install. 

This includes 72,000 Euros for the integration of the 720kg of phosporescent aggregates, an amount that corresponds to the investment required for the installation of 'classic' lighting along a such a path.

The original article (in French) can be found on the Sud Ouest website.

Bordeaux is one of the Future Cycling Capitals in Handshake. Further information on their involvement in project can be found on their city page.

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