COVID-19 SUMP Practitioners' Briefing now available

Author: Richard Adams

The COVID-19 crisis has prompted cities and regions to adapt their urban mobility systems at a rate and scale never seen before.

In this challenging time, it is vital that guidance and support are provided to local authorities to adapt to new conditions and ensure that sustainable mobility is prioritised in the recovery from COVID-19.

The newly released SUMP practitioners' briefing investigates how cities can respond in the coming months to the exit from lockdown whilst prioritising long-term goals and ambitions for sustainable urban mobility.

The briefing draws on best practice from across Europe during the COVID-19 crisis, highlighting case studies of cities which have prioritised sustainable and active modes of mobility during recent months to keep cities moving.

Stakeholders were invited to feed into the development of the practitioners' briefing to ensure that this guidance provides suitable information and advice for local authorities to adopt sustainable urban mobility post-lockdown.

Handshake was one of the CIVITAS projects that contributed its expertise, alongside CIVITAS SUMP-PLUS.

A longer, more extensive document will be published later this year on SUMPs and COVID-19.

Read the document here. It is also available to download as part of the wider suite of SUMP online and PDF guideline documents.

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