Velo-city 2020

GR - Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

Velo-City is the world's premier cycling summit, focusing on cycling infrastructure, bicycle innovations, bicycle safety and the social and cultural changes driven by cycling.

Each year the conference:

  • Disseminates high quality information and knowledge of cycling;
  • Showcases best practice from cities around the world;
  • Encourages greater use of the bicycle through the recognition of cycling as a mode of transport;
  • Integrates cycling into all relevant policy sectors; and,
  • Offers Exchange and networking with stakeholders around the cycling crowd.

Who will be there?

A wide variety of stakeholders will be there, including universities and academia, decision-makers, local, regional and national governments, international institutions, civil society organisations and local cycling associations.

Like last year in Dublin, CIVITAS Handshake and its cities will have a strong presence at the event.

Thematic focus

The focus of this year's is "Smart Cycling Inclusion".

This is broken down into three furthe primary sub-themes, namely, social innovation and technology; sharing public space and connecting people; and policy of the future.

For more information, please visit the event website.

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